Math, English and science are just some of the subjects students are preparing to study when they head back to school.

But South Winnipeg firefighter Shane Ferguson is hoping they will think about another important subject as well: fire safety.

Ferguson founded the Staying Alive program about three years ago to help educate young people and their families about fire prevention and what to do in case of a fire. When he isn’t working as a firefighter, Ferguson visits schools to share information about fire safety. He also oversees the Staying Alive Web site, which features fire prevention tips and other fire safety information.

The site was produced in co-operation with the City of Winnipeg’s Fire Paramedic Services.

“The idea is to instill a life skill,” says Ferguson, who volunteers his time to educate people about fire safety. “If it saves a life, it’s the greatest thing we can do.”

Those who visit the Staying Alive Web site at can expect to see several new additions to it by early fall, says Ferguson. Three new interactive games are planned, including one which helps people identify fire hazards.

Ferguson says he’s grateful for the many contributions of those who have supported the program. Those supporters include local personalities, who have volunteered their time to share fire safety tips on the Staying Alive Web site.

Some recent additions to the site include fire safety tips from Winnipeg Mayor Glen Murray and Premier Gary Doer, as well as new fire safety songs entitled Fire Alarm’s Ringing and Stop, Drop and Roll.