Your days as a child and teenager can be the most memorable of your life. But the kids you choose as friends will not only influence your life right now, but your future as well.

Sure it can be hard being young in today’s world. Trying to fit into the “in crowd”, dressing the right way, acting the right way…not getting bullied!

Sometimes you just need a little help finding the right road to take. Well, maybe we can help you. Read through this section to get tips and ideas on how to deal with other kids — your peers. We cover things like:

  • Arson – is a serious crime. Your friends might want you to start fires with them. But what are the consequences? Your friends may think that lighting a garbage container or garage on fire won’t hurt anybody. But it can, both directly, and indirectly. Spend a minute at our arson site. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities, and you may just see arson, and people that start fires in a different light.
  • Drugs & Alcohol – can be tough to resist when your friends are doing it. But the fact is, NOT EVERYONE is drinking or doing drugs. Being your own person, and not giving in to the pressures of others takes a strong character. You can be that person! A great future awaits you! Check this section out…you won’t regret it!