Staying Alive enters the classroom

Our Staying Alive fire safety classroom curriculum for kindergarten through to grade eight students is now available. The lesson plans are easy to follow, and although primarily designed for firefighters, they can also be successfully adapted and utilized by schoolteachers.

So what do I talk about?

Don’t worry; we’ve laid the program out for you. You can choose to follow the lesson plan verbatim, or adapt it to your own unique teaching style. Either way, we’ve arranged the topics and discussions in seven individual modules, designed to target the needs of each of seven specific age groups.

How do I keep the kids interested?

It’s our experience that certain basic fire safety life skills need to be reviewed each year. However, each Staying Alive module also introduces a fresh age appropriate topic, which is explored and developed over the course of the curriculum. This approach we feel will help keep the children’s attention, as they learn new and important fire safety lessons.