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Snowflakes, snow forts, and toboganning!

What do you like to do in the winter? There are a lot of fun things that you can do outside, but always remember safety first!

It sure gets cold out there! Make sure that you layer up to get ready for that cold winter breeze. Always remember to wear your:

  • hat
  • mitts or gloves
  • neck warmer
  • boots

If you are dress warmly and are prepared for the cold weather then you will be able to have more fun and play longer.

When your clothes get wet, because they always do when you are having fun in the snow, make sure you go inside and get them off right away! When your clothes are wet and you get cold you could get sick. Then you wouldn't be able to go outside! So come inside for a while to warm up and get dry clothes on. Ask you parents to make you some hot chocolate to warm up your tummy too!

Goin outside to have fun with your friends?

Make sure that you dress warmly and that your tobogan is working well. You should never go toboganning where you could lside out into traffic or onto the ice of a river/lake. Check the area to make sure that everything is safe, so that you can have fun.

Do you live by a river, lake or other body of water? Never walk out on the ice without first checking with your parents. Sometimes the ice looks thick and safe but it isn't. If you were to fall through the ice you could get very hurt or even die.

Do you have good hockey equipment that fits you properly? Do you have a helmet to take with you when you go snowboarding, skiing, or even toboganning? Make sure that you have the safety gear for any and all of the games or activities that you will try throughout the winter.

Help Prepare Your Car

Sometimes in the winter your car will break down. If you and your family are prepared it won't be such a bad situation. Here are some of the things that you should keep in your trunk:

  • a blanket
  • an extra hat or two
  • gloves or mitts
  • warm boots
  • flares

These items mentioned above are also good things to keep around the house in case the power goes out. It wouldn't be very nice if your house had no heat or electricity!

When you are preparing for a fun time, be sure to prepare for the worst case scenerio. That way you will be better equipped to get out of a bad situation safely!




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