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Without the help of these selfless volunteers this site would never be what it is today! Thanks to all who have donated countless hours of their time to make this program a success.

First, a very special thanks goes out to these four energetic people who helped bring Staying Alive to the next level

  • Jeff Derraugh, City of Winnipeg Firefighter - A truly "mad word man", Jeff tirelessly develops content for the site, write scripts for the tipsters, and a whole lot more.

  • Mitch Dorge, member of Crash Test Dummies and Charlie Redstar - has produced most of our Hot Tips at his personal recording studio. Between writing, producing and recording Mitch still finds about a thousand hours or so per week to help out at Staying Alive.

  • Randi Fay Monteith is our Staying Alive Representative in Thunder Bay. Randi is Shane's administrative assistant and has been the driving force in promoting Staying Alive throughout Northwestern Ontario.

  • André Couture, City of Winnipeg Firefighter/Public Education Facilitator - has joined Staying Alive as an advisor and spokesperson for our "French Division".

    Our Staying Alive songs on this web site were produced by Mitch Dorge. Thanks to all of the recording artists that donated their time and energy.

    • Stop, Drop and Roll
      performed by Charlie Redstar: Jason Charney, Joe Curtis, Mitch Dorge, Gilles Fournier, Mike Bratlin

    • Smoke Alarm's Ringing
      performed by: Jake Chenier, Tom & Lori Neufeld, Tomá³ Kubinek, Edith Tankus, Al Simmons, Brad Simmons, Will Simmons

    The list of Hot Tips spokespeople keep on growing every day. We greatly appreciate those who have took time from their busy schedule to help us out.

    We would also like to take this time to thank AKG Acoustics for allowing us access to their great recording equipment through Mitch Dorge's recording studio.

    • Tom Jackson (Canadian Actor/Singer) - was our very first tipster back in February 2002.
    • Randy Bachman (Canadian Musician, Guess Who, BTO)
    • McMaster & James (Canadian Music Band)
    • Nicole Harris (Maverick Media Solutions www.maverick-media.ca Winnipeg)
    • Joe Aeillo (92 Citi FM DJ)
    • Jake Chenier (Family Entertainer & Recording Artist)
    • Sam Katz (Mayor of Winnipeg)
    • John Kendle (Entertainment Editor for the Winnipeg Sun)
    • Karen Mitchell (Reporter for CKY TV)
    • Karen Palmer - Helped develop content for the new site
    • Charlie Redstar (Winnipeg Music Band) - recorded our first fire safety song "Stop, Drop and Roll".
    • Jaret Sereda (Promotions Director & Announcer - Hot 103 Winnipeg)
    • Don Percy (Master of the Morning - Radio KY-58)
    • Glen Murray (Former Mayor of Winnipeg)
    • Gary Doer (Premier of Manitoba)
    • Chris Walby (Analyst & Former Blue Bomber and CFL Hall of Fame Inductee)
    • Danielle Keenan (Miss Teen Manitoba)
    • Steve Thomas (Former Winnipeg Goldeyes Pitcher)
    • Jaylene Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
    • Al Simmons (Children's Entertainer/Songwriter)
    • Dan Marion (Winnipeg Firefighter)
    • Meagan & Jason Charney (Jason is a band member from Charlie Redstar)
    • Tomás Kubinek (Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible)
    • Edith Tankus (Theatre Artist)
    • Tom & Lori Neufeld (Musicians/ Children Performers "Lulu & Tomcat")
    • Jim Jones - (Power 97 Midday Announcer)

    A Big Thank-You To All The Volunteers Around The World Who Have Made An Incredible Difference By Promoting The Life Skill Of Fire Safety With Staying Alive

    • Randi Monteith, Bill DeSouza, Kim Sloboda, Jimmy Parks, Kevin Prefontaine, Gord Frederickson, Zjo Hionkook, Rusty Foerger, Kathy Micheal, Kieron Hall, Erin Orton, Paul Orr, Tammy Yhde-Riis, Kim Matthews, Chief Frederick S. Richards, Ivar Eeg-Nielsen, Santiago Amador Garcia, William Savage, plus many more.

    And of course, to all of the fire fighters and paramedics that have helped us in promoting fire safety awareness in the community, a big THANK YOU

    A. Burgess
    G. Cannell
    B. Whitney
    G. Krush
    C. Ceasar
    I. Campbell
    I. McKenty
    J. Derraugh
    J. McFetridge
    H. Pambrun
    R. St. Mars
    T. Benedictson


    D. Pescitelli
    B. Berringer
    B. Grabowski
    R. Kevinski
    G. Bakaluk
    B. Weselake
    B. Burton
    A. Bartley
    D. Kasper
    A. Baldwin
    G. MacKay
    S. Carigano
    R. Vermette

        C. Thomas
    S. Stone
    G. Ford
    L. Woo
    T. Wallace
    J. Robinson
    T. McDougall
    T. Walsh
    K. Froese
    T. Keryluk
    W. Boyd




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