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It's time for a little spring cleaning!

Check your house for any stored papers, magazines, or any other combustible materials you don't need. Pay special attention to the space around your furnace, hot water tank, fireplace, space heaters, and dryer. Keep the area under your stairs clear of combustible as well. The basement stairs are you exit out if there ever is a fire.

Did you finish raking your leaves last fall before the snow came? Well if you didn't, now is the time to clean that up too. Check your yard for any woodpiles, branches, or papers that could prove tempting to someone wanting to light a fire.

Fire Up the "Q"

Mmm BBQ season is coming up. Make sure you clean your BBQ and check for leaks, breaks, and other wear & tear. Also make sure that you never store propane inside your house or garage. For more information check out our barbecue safety section.

Have you checked your smoke alarm?

You should check your smoke alarm once a month to make sure that it's working properly. Just press the little test button -if it's beeping, it's working. If your smoke alarm is battery powered you need to replace the battery once a year. Hey let's make that a part of your spring-cleaning routine too. A smoke alarm can save your life , all you have to do is keep it working properly.


With the warmer weather comes the melting snow. The ice on your local rivers and lakes is also thawing and breaking up. You should never go out onto a river or lake when it's frozen without your parents! NEVER go out on the ice at springtime, because you never know how thin the ice really is. Stay off! Stay safe!



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