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Are you ready to rock? We now have four songs for you to listen to with more on the way!

Stop, Drop and Roll

If your clothes catch on fire, Stop, Drop and Roll with Charlie Redstar.

Smoke Alarm's Ringing

Smoke Alarm's Ringing features a “Who’s Who” all-star cast of Canadian children’s entertainers including….

Mitch Dorge also helped out by arranging, recording, and mixing “Smoke Alarm’s Ringing” at his home studio!

Click here to listen to the full version of "Smoke Alarm's Ringing".

Do the Drill

Check out the hot off the presses fire safety song "Do the Drill" from Lulu and the Tomcat's latest CD.

Meeting Place

Fire FliesThe place to meet after safely exiting the house in a fire is "The Meeting Place" with our friends the Fireflys.

What does the future hold?

More fire safety songs are on the way. Stay tuned to Staying Alive!




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