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  • Fire Safety
    This area deals with information on fire prevention and awareness.

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  • Life Skills
    We have gathered general safety tips, issues, and other information that aren’t directly related to fire, and have placed them in this section for you.

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  • Parents
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  • Educators
    Shane Ferguson has developed a set of lesson plans for grades K- 8 to deal with fire education. If you would like to know more about his program and resources check it out.
    • Global Curriculum
      Find out where the curriculum is being used throughout the world.
    • Game Distribution
      A list of places around the World that are using the interactive fire safety game - "The Great Escape"

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  • Quiz & Survey
    Take a fire safety quiz to test your knowledge, or fill out an online survey and compare your results.
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  • News
    Interested in finding out what the latest events, activities, and other things that Staying Alive is involved with or planning? Check out this section in order to keep up to date with everything to do with Staying Alive. Also you can find actual newspaper articles that have been written about the program.
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  • Links
    Check out other fire safety and related sites that we've listed.
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