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School Bus Safety Rules for First Time Riders by Yvette Bourrier

Hello boys and girls.

Here are some of the important rules to learn when riding on a school bus. And by the way, also remember to teach your parents these rules.

  • Ask your parents to remove or shorten all drawstrings from your clothing. You could choke if a drawstring gets caught on something.

  • Never pick anything up near or under the bus without asking the driver what to do first. The driver can’t see you if you go underneath the bus.

  • Always arrive 5 minutes before the departure time of your bus. If you are late, the bus cannot wait for you. Your friends are also waiting at the other stops.

  • Don’t forget to look both ways, left, right and left again before crossing any streets.

  • Wait at least 3 giant steps away from the bus on the curb. No pushing or shoving at the bus stop.

  • When you get on the bus, go directly to your seat and sit down with your back against the seat back and your feet on (or towards) the floor. Never put your feet in the aisle.

  • No eating or drinking on the bus. You could choke and the driver may not see or hear you.

  • Never throw anything out the bus window. Throwing objects out the window can cause accidents with other vehicles.

  • Keep your hands, feet and head inside the bus at all times.

  • No shouting, fighting or horseplay as this distracts the driver, who should be watching the road, not you.

  • Always be really silent at a railroad crossing. The driver needs to look and listen for a train.

  • When leaving the bus, go directly to the sidewalk and stay off the street.

  • If you must cross, a school bus patrol will help you. If there isn’t a school bus patrol, walk ten giant steps in front of the bus and wait for the driver’s signal, look both ways, then cross the street.

  • Always ask your parents to wait for you on the same side of the street where you get off. Remind them you will be excited to see them and you may dart into the street without thinking of checking for cars.

School Bus Evacuations - Safety Rules

In case of an accident or a fire on a school bus, this is what you will need to know. Don’t worry, these rules will be practiced twice a year at your school.

  • The driver will review with you all the safety rules of riding a school bus and explain to you where all the danger zones are around a school bus. Pay attention and obey your driver and you will always be safe.

  • The driver will show you all the emergency equipment, like the fire extinguisher, the axe, the first aide kit and the 2 way radio. Pay attention and try to remember where they are and how they are used.

  • The driver will radio in and have her dispatcher call 911 if needed. You may need to help the driver if she is injured. This is why the driver will teach you how to use the 2 way radio.

  • The driver will also show you where the emergency windows and hatch are located and how they open.

  • Now the driver will show you how to evacuate the bus from the back door in case of an emergency.


  • Students in the back seats will leave first. The driver will have assigned two students to stand at the back door to help you. Extend your arms, bend your knees, make sure the two students on the ground are holding your arms, don’t jump, hop to the ground.

  • Once you are out of the bus, you will go to the assembly area, and wait for your driver.

  • The driver will then help you if you are hurt until 911 arrives.

When a School Bus is in Contact with Electrical Wires - Safety Rules

  • You must stay in your seat. Do not leave the bus unless the driver feels you should. The driver will only ask you to evacuate the bus if there is a danger of a fire on the bus.

  • If there is an electrical wire on the bus and you must evacuate, please remember to use the front door. You will be asked to hop to the ground with both feet together with your arms tightly at your side. Bend your knees.

  • The most important rule is never make contact with the bus and the ground at the same time.
  • Again, once you are off the bus, go immediately to the assembly area and wait for your driver.

Now that you have learned all about the safety rules of riding on a school bus, your ride to school will be a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

Have fun boys and girls and remember safety is the most important rule of all.




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