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New site look and feel!
August 28, 2002

We have developed a new site for the Staying Alive program. The site is greatly expanded, with a number of new features that we'd like you to check out.

As well, we have tried to make navigating the site easier; so that you can get to the information you need quicker.

There are 9 different menu items that the content is divided into. They include:

  • About Us
    This section gives an overview of our program, it's foundations, and helpers. Glance through the Volunteers listing to see who's been helping us along the way, and what they have done.

  • Kids Zone
    This is a brand new section devoted to fun fire safety education for kids! You'll find coloring pages, mazes, puzzles, fire safety songs, children's entertainers such as Al Simmons and Jake Chenier, and so much more!

  • Fire Safety
    This is where you'll find the bulk of our fire safety information. Did you want to learn more about smoke alarms, household safety, or setting up a home escape plan? This is the area you should visit!

  • Life Skills
    This section covers emergency equipment, first aid, peer pressure, safe driving, and other important general safety information.

  • Parents
    Hey Mom and Dad! Not quite sure what the site is all about -- or where to find things? The Parent's area has helpful tips on how to use stayingalive.ca, so that you can educate your children on the importance of fire safety, prevention, and awareness.

  • Educators
    Staying Alive is not only a web site, but we are also involved in-classroom presentations. Founder Shane Ferguson, has developed learning objectives and other related tips and techniques, and he'd like to share them with you.

  • Quiz & Survey
    Test your fire safety IQ, take a survey, or just check out our survey results.

  • News
    We will update this area on a regular basis to include any new program or web site news, as well as actual news articles. If we place a new tip online, a new game/activity, a new page, or anything else, we'll let you know about it, right here.

  • Links
    Find links that are related to fire safety, fire departments, and other informational links. We've included links that we think you might want to check out, if you want to find out even more about fire safety.

Now that you have an overview of the site and it's contents --- go ahead and start exploring it for yourself!

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