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This section is devoted to news related to the Staying Alive program and website. We will include news articles as well as information on new program/site information. Here we will make reference to website changes/improvements so that you can keep up-to-date with us. Keep checking back here or the home page so that you can be sure to be informed!

Fire-safety program spreads around worlds
February 04, 2006

It’s been nearly eight years since Laura Johnson died, but her memory lives on through the dedication and persistence of Winnipeg firefighter Shane Ferguson.

It's about Staying Alive: Mother recalls tragic night house fire claimed daughter's life
February 09, 2006

Petra Johnson faced a difficult question seven years ago as she woke to the sound of a blaring smoke detector and a foggy blackness wafting through her home.

As she and her husband David ran down the third storey stairs to try to get everyone out, she tried in vain to remember where her four children were.

Game makes learning about fire safety fun
February 06, 2005

A video game that could save lives was being given away Saturday at a northside fast food joint.

The Great Escape was handed out to kids at a Wendy's location as a way to teach them how to escape their homes during a fire.

"Fireproof Your Family"
September 01, 2004

Check out Canadian Living magazine (Sept. issue) page 16 FIREPROOF YOUR FAMILY

Media Awards Contest
September 01, 2004

Staying Alive Inc. has placed 2nd in the IAFF "Media Awards Contest" Affiliate PR Campaign.

Computer game teaches fire safety to kids
September 29, 2003

A new game called "The Great Escape" is meant to help children make smart decisions when faced with a fire.

The Firefighter's Burn Fund put up $50,000 to bring the game to life. It's a personal mission for the game's creator, Winnipeg firefighter Shane Ferguson.

Stay Safe This Summer!
June 09, 2003

Surfer DudeThe sun is shining and it's time to play! But before you go outside, take a minute to gear up first. Your friends Flip the Fire Monkey, Mrs. About Fire, the Fire Lobster, Jean Claude, and the Surfer Dude have put together their favourite summer safety tips for you to check out!

Mrs. About-Fire and Flip the Fire Monkey
February 02, 2003

Mrs. AboutfireMrs. About-Fire and Flip the Fire Monkey take fire safety learning to a new level. Visit the Kid Zone in order to find out more about these new additions.

October 04, 2002

The Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner and the City of Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service presented citation awards and commendations to 26 Winnipeg residences for their community service or assistance at the scene of an emergency.

Jeff DerraughJeff Derraugh and Mitch Dorge, who have played a key role in the developments of Staying Alive over the past year, received awards for their contribution towards fire and life safety.

Program helps educate kids about fire safety
August 14, 2002

Math, English and science are just some of the subjects students are preparing to study when they head back to school.

But South Winnipeg firefighter Shane Ferguson is hoping they will think about another important subject as well: fire safety.

Local celebrities tape promotions for fire safety
May 08, 2002

WINNIPEG celebrities are lining up to help promote fire and home safety in a project headed by firefighter Shane Ferguson.

Tom JacksonIn fact, so many local personalities want to add their names to the safety messages on Ferguson's web-site project -- www.stayingalive.ca -- that "the hardest part of it has been coordinating the time for people," says Ferguson.

In the News: Staying Alive program focuses on fire prevention
October 31, 2001

In his 12 years as a firefighter, Shane Ferguson has seen his share of tragic fires. It's the desire to prevent such tragedies that prompted the Winnipegger to establish the non-profit Staying Alive fire prevention program two years ago. The main goal is to educate youth and families about fire prevention, as well as teach them what to do should a fire occur.


New site look and feel!
August 28, 2002

The new site development is finally complete and online! Read ahead on some of the new additions and clues on how to navigate to the right areas.




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