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A listing of web sites that we have found useful and informative. If you would like to have your site listed on our page, please drop us an e-mail: [email protected] with a brief description of your web site.



Fire Departments
Franklin Township



Check out the fire prevention, news and various photos that this site has to offer. They offer information on public education/safety, code enforcement, W.A.R.N. Program (Water Awareness in Residential Neighborhoods) and much more.

Hauppage Fire Department



Take the time to check out this New York State fire department's web site. Here you'll find incident photo stories, safety information as well as other important fire information.

Helensburgh Rural Fire Brigade



Go check out the information, photos, news stories and reports available from one of Australia's rural fire brigades.

Lisburn Fire Station



The Lisburn Fire Station in Northern Ireland has an unofficial web site for you to check out. Here you'll find information about fire safety, station history, news and local information.

Metchosin Fire Department



Visit the site of the Metchosin Volunteer Fire Department and find out information about this B.C. department. Find everything from "Weird Stories" to a diagram and explanation of "Appartus Bay".

Red Deer Emergency Services

Red Deer Fire Deparment


The Red Deer Emergency Services offer various services including advanced medical treatment, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials response (HAZMAT), fire inspections and public education. Be sure to learn more about the school programs they offer as well as their emergency preparation information.

Richmond Engine Co.



Visit this Staten Island Fire Department web site for many interesting tidbits of information. Here you'll find everything from pictures and history to community events.

St. Andrew's Fire Department

St. Andrews


Come check out the RM of St Andrew's web site. Here you can scroll down and find out a little more information about this department by clicking on the "Fire Department" link.

Thunder Bay Fire Service

Thunder Bay Fire Service


Check out North Western Ontario's Thunder Bay's Fire Service web site. They have provided a bunch of colouring pages, so while you are there make sure you check out the Kids Korner!

Toronto Fire Service

Toronto Fire Service


The Toronto Fire Service web site is very informative. Find out more information about Fire Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, and Career Guide sections as well as others.

Walls Fire Department

Walls Fire Department


The Walls Fire Department has lots of interesting information available on their site. You'll find plenty of pictures, member and training information just to name a few things. Be sure to check them out for further information.



US Firefighter


USfirefighters.net - firefighter and emergency responder blog
with fire, ems and rescue news, pictures / photos, commentary, RSS feeds,
and more.

American Firefighter

US Firefighter


Check out this interesting firefighter web site. Here you'll find, photos, jokes, stories, and more.

Firefighter City



This site is dedicated to firefighters and EMS providers. Here you'll find many pictures, videos, news stories and much more from firefighters and EMS providers.




Check out the site of this non-profit organization for injury prevention. There you can find all kinds of resources, event dates, news and other important safety information.




The Manitoba Association of School Trustees exists to ensure quality public education for Manitoba students through effective, locally-elected boards of trustees.




NFPA is an international nonprofit membership organization founded in 1896 as the National Fire Protection Association. Using Industry knowledge and the latest scientifice advances, NFPA is reducing the impact of fire and other hazards through codes, standards, research, training, and education.

Office of the Fire Commissioner


   The Office of the Fire Commissioner for Manitoba provides a wide spectrum of mandated services in areas of fire investigation, emergency response/rescue education and training, and emergency response services at the provincial and municipal level as well as fire and building codes standards development, administation and enforcement.

Ottawa Safe Communities Network

Safe Comm


Visit this non-profit site dedicated to making Ottawa the safest city in Canada. Find information about injury prevention, statistics, newsletters and other resources. Do your part to make your city, neighbourhood or household the safest place to live too!

The Co-operators



The Co-operators is a group of Canadian companies focusing on insurance. Visit the site and check out the different areas of interest. Find out a little more about the variety of programs they support and their core values among other interesting bits of information.

The Fire Fighters Museum

Firefighter's Museum


Are you interested in the history of fire fighting in Winnipeg? Visit this site in order to learn more about fire trucks, ladders, and much more from the past. Visit this great educational site and then head down to see the musuem itself!

U. F. F. W.



The United Firefighters of Winnipeg - Local 867 web site has a lot of information available to the public. Here you can find: current events, committees information, calendar events, photos and more.

U.S. Fire Administration

Fire Admin


As an entity of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the mission of the United States Fire Administration is to reduce life and economic losses due to fire and related emergencies, through leadership, advocacy, coordination and support.

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service

Winnipeg Fire Department


Check out Winnipeg's Fire Paramedics Service web site. Read Buster the Fire Pup's Safety Tips or read the Lights and Sirens departmental newsletter.


Other Links
Cooking With Jeff



Take the time to visit Jeff Derraugh's web site for his book "Firehall Cooking With Jeff the Chef." You'll find everything from news about the author to some sample recipes.

AKG Acoustics



AKG Acoustics, through the studio of Mitch Dorge, has graciously allowed us to use their equipment in order to record many of our new site items. Visit this site to find out more information on their microphones and other recording equipment.

Technologies Inc.



Visit the Ironstone web site to find out more information about their services. Ironstone has helped Staying Alive with the orders of "The Great Escape" game CDs.

Manlab Resources



Manlab is the producer and developer of the Staying Alive web site. A full service application developer for B2B and B2C solutions, e-commerce, and educational programs.


Safety Sites

Fire Find


A rich database search engine for fire departments, organizations and associations, photos, collectables, books and videos. Thousands of listings available online.




"Firefighting.com is a new media product built on the foundations of a Web site that pioneered a thriving online community for fire, rescue and EMS personnel long before the Gold Rush to the Web." Established in 1995 by Jason Kopacko, a former firefighter, Firefighting.com rapidly became the first major online community on the Internet for the fire, rescue and emergency services personnel.


Fire Hall


Canada's online resource for Firefighting personnel, Firehall.com provides a central directory for fire protection web sites. Links include Canadian fire departments, commissioner's offices, professional associations, commercial businesses, institutes, museums, etc.

Discovery Kids™



Check out the Discovery Kids™ web site to find out about all your favourite shows and play games online.

Manitoba Children's Museum



Visit the Manitoba Children's Museum to play "The Great Escape" and other great games. There are many fun games, and learning centres for kids of all ages!

Risk Watch®

Risk Watch


Risk Watch® is the first comprehensive injury prevention program available for use in schools. Risk Watch® gives children and their families the skills and knowledge they need to create safer homes and communities.

Sparky the Fire Dog



Check out the great fire safety information, activities, and interactive games located on this site. There are many different fun things for people of all ages to try out like: "Fun With Fire Trucks", "Cool To Do", and "Sparky's Arcade". Don't take our word for it, check it out yourself!



Bully Smart

   BullySMART Publications produces resource materials to help educators deliver effective bullying prevention programs in their classrooms and their schools. Please visit the site for further information.

Hook Signs

Hook Signs

   Hook signs is a web site dedicated to helping with fire education materials. Visit their site for further information on products and resources that might could help for classroom presentations.


Languages of Fire Safety
Firefighters Online Magazine



Visit this online german firefighters magazine for some useful information. Check out the different elements their site has to offer.

Fireman Magazine

Fire Magazone


Come visit this web site based out of Greece. Here you'll find all kinds of interesting information about local news, firefighting training, and fire safety to name a few. They have a few games that you can check out as well!

Ginza Firefighters



Visit the Kyoubashi Volunteer Fire Corps Squad 3 web site out of Japan. Here you will find information about the squad, updated "In Action" stories, disaster prevention training information among other interesting information.

Vestfold Interkom Norway Fire Dept.

Norway Fire Department


Check out this Norwegian fire department web site. There is a lot of information about the fire station located on the site. Visit the links, photo area and guestbook. There are two versions of the web site available for your convenience: Norwegian and English. Be sure to check out both areas.




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