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This section of the Staying Alive website is devoted to providing information for the purpose of developing safe life skills. Whether it's learning to deal with peer pressure or learning coping skills to deal with the death of a loved one, this section will provide you helpful

Dealing with Loss
Some helpful information on coping with the loss of a loved one.

In Your Face and Interactive

In Your Face and Interactive, using music as a metaphor, is targeted to motivate and inspire children and adults alike to make happy and responsible choices.

Peer Pressure

Do your friends think that it's cool to start fires? Do you feel pressure to try drinking, or do drugs? Are kids bothering you at school? We can help you work through these and other problems. The result, a better, more successful you!

First Aid

Find out what to do in case you, or someone you know gets hurt. Look here for general first aid and burn treatment information. Know what to do in a medical emergency!

Are you a safe driver?

When an ambulance pulls up behind you, sirens blaring, what should you do? What if the vehicle is right behind you, and you're stopped at a red light? Make sure that you're prepared. Find out what you can do to assist emergency vehicles so that they can get to their call as quickly as possible.





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