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Hey you made it! Welcome to the Kids Zone! Are you ready to learn about fire safety --- the fun way? We've got exciting games and activities that will test your Fire IQ. Take a look at the Kids Learning pages as well. There's lots of great information to help keep you safe!
Smoke Alarm's Ringing

Flip the Fire Monkey

Flip the Fire MonkeyFlip knows kids, Flip knows fire safety, and Flip knows Staying Alive. Flip is the go to guy in the Kidszone. He's your personal helper.

Want to know what's happening on each Kidszone page? Just click on Flip, he loves to help. Flip even has his own Top Ten Fire Safety Tips for you to check out. So let's go!

Mrs. Aboutfire

Mrs. AboutfireMrs. Aboutfire is in the house! Yes the hip old granny of flame and heat is here along with her husband Mr. Aboutfire to show you how hot and smoky fire gets, how it grows, how it behaves and much more! She's looking forward to seeing you, so why not drop by for a visit!

Colouring Pages
Colouring Pages

We have a total of 8 colouring pages in the Kid Zone for you to check out. Print the pictures and colour it in. But wait, that's only part of the fun! Find the fire hazards in each of the rooms as you go!

Room To Room Safety
Sécurité pièce par pièce

Is your house safe? Go through this fire safety page and find out. Check your house for fire hazards with the help of your parents --- or even your older brother or sister!

Fire Mazes
Labyrinthes incendie

We've added 5 mazes to our Kids Zone. Try to find your way from the Fire Lobster to the meeting place --- Mrs. Aboutfire!

Word Searches
Mots cachés

Do you like detective work? Try our Fire Safety Word Searches. Complete the online versions, or print one out and do it at home with your parents.

Crossword Puzzles
Mots croisés

Try your luck with our crossword puzzles. There are 2 different puzzles for you to try. If you are having trouble solving the clues, look through the Kids Zone to find the answers.






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