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Do you know what the smoke alarm sounds like in your house? If you don't, ask Mom or Dad to press the test button, and cover your ears, it's going to be loud. This is a sound you need to be able to recognize. McMaster & James

Your smoke alarm should be tested once a month. Just get Mom or Dad to press the test button to see if it works.

If your smoke alarm runs on batteries, they need to be replaced at least once a year. Pick a day, any day of the year, maybe even your own birthday, and for a present, give your smoke alarm fresh juice.

Have a look around your house. You should have at least 1 working smoke alarm on every floor, and at least one outside each sleeping area.

When the smoke alarm sounds, its time to put your families home escape plan into action. Find out more at home escape plans.

How should you react if you hear the smoke alarm ringing in the middle of the night? Click here to find out! Oh and don't forget to check out our song "Smoke Alarm's Ringing".





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