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Give Mom and Dad Space!

When Mom or Dad are cooking in the kitchen, give them room to work. Don't play in the kitchen while their cooking.

Why? If they bump into you, or trip over you, they could spill hot food or boiling hot liquids on you.

Did you know that scalds are a leading cause of burns in children? A scald is a burn from hot water. Think of all the hot water sources in a kitchen. The hot water tap, a boiling kettle, a pot cooking spaghetti or Kraft Dinner.

When the stove or oven is on, it's hot. The food cooking is hot, the element on the stove is hot, the door on the oven is hot. Bump into or touch them, and you could be burned.

Are you learning to cook?

Only cook food when an adult is there to supervise you.

Never leave the kitchen while cooking. Not to answer the door, or to get the phone. Always stay with your food until it's cooked.

Pots of food cooking on the stove can be knocked over easily. Pot handles should always be aimed toward the back or middle of the stove to avoid being upset

Never wear long sleeves, or loose fitting clothes while cooking. Your shirt could hook a pot handle and pull it over.

Always remember to turn off the stove, burner elements, or any other appliance when you?re finished cooking.

What is there's a fire?

If food catches fire in a pot, don't move it.

Instead try sliding a lid over it slowly. It will snuff the fire out, by taking away the oxygen it needs to breathe.

Now turn off the element under the pot.

Never throw water on a pot of food. It could make the fire spread, especially if any oil or grease is present.

If the fire is too big to quickly extinguish this way, get out of the house right away. Call 911 from a neighbor's home.

Is there are fire extinguisher in your kitchen? It's a good idea! But always leave operating a fire extinguisher up to an adult.




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