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Fire Prevention Week
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Welcome to the Games & Activities section of the Kidzone!

Are you ready to have some fun? Well great, because we're going to have a blast! Just look at all the things there are to do!

  • Colouring Pages - We have 8 different coloring pages for you -- 5 of them are new pages! The new coloring pages also have fire hazards in them. Print them out, and see if you can find all the hazards!

  • Word Searches - Here you'll find 2 word searches that you can print out and do at home alone, or with a little help from your parents. OR if you prefer, you can complete the online word searches.

  • Mazes - Try to find your way through all 5 mazes to the fire hydrant. Careful not to touch the fire -- or else you might get hurt!

  • Crosswords - Check out our crossword puzzles. They're a challenge. Print them out, and see if you can fill in all the answers. If there are some questions you're not sure about, search through the site, and find the answer.

You'll be having so much fun, you won't even realize that you're learning about fire safety!




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