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Meet the Friends of the Kid Zone

The Kids Zone is expanding, and so are our cast of characters. Why we've had so many personalities dropping by with safety tips and advice, that we've decided to get them all together on one page for you. You can't tell the players without a program, so here you go!

Let's start with the new guys on the block.

The Fire Lobster - He's the Lobster of learning, the crustacean with the comb over, he's the deep-sea discoverer known as the Fire Lobster! Join your new friend the Fire Lobster as he learns important lessons about fire safety.
Louie the Firefly - Here's another new guy on the block, and the first of 3 fireflies who will soon grace our site, it's Louie the Firefly. These guys know how too shed a little light on fire safety, with rockin tunes. Louie has been working on campfire safety, check out his hot tip!
Flip the Fire Monkey - Need to know where to go and what to do in the Kids Zone- Flip the Fire Monkey is your man. Click on Flip's picture on any page in the Kids Zone for all the info you need to get around the Zone.
Mrs. Aboutfire - She's the hip old granny of flame and heat, yes it's our resident fire expert Mrs. Aboutfire. When it comes to understanding fire, she's the worldly woman of wisdom. Watch for her new interactive fire safety game coming soon to Staying Alive's Kids Zone.
Mr. Aboutfire - It's Mrs. Aboutfire's grumpy husband, Mr. Aboufire. He knows the properties of fire too, and loves to interrupt with his two cents worth, whenever Mrs. Aboufire delivers her lessons. Yes they're quite the couple.

Our Seasonal Friends

Surfer Dude - This narly dude hits the waves in the summer, and the ski hills in the winter. But whether he's riding the waves, or boarding the slopes, it's always safety first with the "Dude."
Jean Claude - Another two-sport athlete, J.C. plays hockey in the winter, and races his bike in the summer. But no matter what season it is, when it's time to play, you'll always find a helmet on his head.
Helmut - Speaking of helmets, our ski expert Helmut drops by in the winter months to make sure that your next trip down the slopes is a safe one.
Dwayne Fast - Dwayne's our resident tobogganing champion, a man that loves nothing better than jumping on his sled, and flying down the hill, but before he does, he makes sure that the conditions are safe.

Our Hallo-Weinies!

Boris the Boogeyman - The first of our "Halloween experts" professional boogeyman Boris knows first hand how scary Halloween can be, and wants to help you make it a safe night for you and your family.
Dracula- Another Halloween pro, Dracula prefers makeup to masks on Halloween. Join him when he drops by in the fall for all the details.
Frankenstein- Even friendly monsters like Franky get dressed up for Halloween. Franky's message is, be seen on Halloween.
Igor - Igor the Lab assistant will be here to check over those Halloween treats with Dr. Frankenstein to make sure that they're safe to eat.
Rocky- This tough guy hates to see kids in trouble on Halloween, and that's why he drops by in October to share his safety tips with us.
Werewolf- Staying Alive's night watchman pops by every fall to share road safety tips from the night beat on Halloween.
The Wicked Witch- The Upper Mid-West's Queen of the Broom wants to see all of you little urchins safe this Halloween too!




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