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Hey kids your buddy Flip the Fire Monkey is here with his all time Top Ten Favorite Fire Safety Slogans. Yes it's Flip's Tips! (Just click on the hot tip icon beside each tip, and Flip will tell you why it's such a hot tip!)

  1. Fire catches, so don't play with matches.

  2. Fires that are small, soon will be tall!

  3. Cooking food's hot, so don't touch the pot!

  4. Crawl down low, when it's time to go!

  5. Get out quick, before the smoke gets thick!

  6. When in doubt, there's two ways out!

  7. Gather your clan, make a fire plan.

  8. Hey just in case, have a meeting place.

  9. Never hide, stay outside!

  10. Stop, drop, and roll.

So remember these tips, and you'll stay cool with your buddy Flip!




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