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Candles need adult supervision. You should never try to light a candle without an adult there to help you. Jaret Sereda

LighterIf an adult does light a candle, they should never leave you alone in the room with the candle burning. If they do, remind them, "Hey there's a candle burning here, remember!" Danielle Keenan

If anyone leaves matches or lighter lying around after lighting a candle, give them to a grown up right away. Tomas Kubinek

Candles should always be placed in a sturdy candleholder on, a solid surface that won't burn, and up high enough that kids and pets can't reach them. Mike Beauregard

Candles should never be placed near a window, because the wind could blow the drapes into the flame.

Remember a candle is a small fire. If paper, books, napkins, drapes or anything that could catch fire gets near them, a bigger fire could start, and soon your house could be on fire.

If you see a candle burning, try not to walk too close to it, so that you won't bump it and knock it over.

Birthday Candles

Unless it's your birthday, it's not a good idea to blow a candle out. It's much safer if you use a candle quencher, or snuffer. Ask Mom or Dad if you have one at home.




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