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If you're big enough to run the tub or shower without an adult, be sure to run the cold water first, to avoid getting burned by hot water. Mix the water with your hand to get rid of hot spots.

Once the tub is full, don't sit or play near the taps where you could accidentally bump them open.

If you have a bath matt, place it just outside the tub or shower so that you don't slip when you go to get out.

Use a non-slip pad in the tub or shower to keep you from falling down.

If there are any items plugged in near the bath or shower like a hair dryer, curling iron, or radio, unplug them before running the water.

Drain the tub as soon as you're finished bathing.

Parents! Never leave a young child in the bath or shower without you. If you have to answer the door or the phone, wrap them in a towel, and take them with you.




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