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Is your bedroom in the basement? Can you reach the window, and crawl out if you had to? Better talk to Mom or Dad about ways for you to get out in the case of an emergency.

Are there bars on your basement windows? You'll need to know how to open them. If they need a key to open, be sure that the key is easy to for you to get to.

Remind Mom or Dad to clean out the lint trap in the dryer after every load. Fires can start in dryers.

Things to look out for:

  • Never store gas, paint products, or any flammable liquids indoors. They should only be stored in a shed, or detached garage.
  • Is there a smoke alarm in the basement? Every level of the house needs one.
  • The furnace, hot water heater, and dryer need room to breathe. Never store any boxes, papers, or any other clutter or flammable material near them. Lochlin Cross
  • Never store items under the stairs. If they ever caught fire, you wouldn't be able to use the stairs to escape.




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