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Yes, the hip old granny is here to tell you all about fire. Here's the lowdown on one of natures most destructive forces.

Fire is red hot.
  • Fires burn hot. Depending on circumstances, fires can burn above even 1.200 degrees Fahrenheit. Mrs. About-Fire - Hot Fire Safety Tip
Fire is smoky.
  • Fires are very smoky. In most cases you can expect more smoke than fire, in fact you may not be able to see the hand in front of your face. Mrs. About-Fire - Hot Fire Safety Tip
Fire is fast moving.
  • Fires burn fast. A small fire can become a big fire in as little as 30 seconds. Mrs. About-Fire - Hot Fire Safety Tip
Fire is deadly.
  • Fires give off poisonous gases. Deadly carbon monoxide is only one of the many poisonous gases that a fire gives off when it burns.
Fire doesn't stop...
  • Fire doesn't stop until it's put out, or it runs out of fuel to burn.
Fire needs...
  • Fire needs 3 elements to burn. Oxygen, heat, and fuel. Take away any of those elements and the fire won't burn.
Fire is $$$$$$$$$$$
  • Fires do an incredible amount of damage. Billions of dollars of damage are caused by fire each year, but what's worse is the number of serious injuries, and loss of life.


How do they do it?
  • How are firefighters able to go into fires? Mrs. About-Fire - Hot Fire Safety Tip
So, do like they do.
  • If you're in a fire, do like firefighters do, crawl on your hands and knees and stay low where the air is the coolest, and easiest to breathe.
But don't ever!
  • Don't play with fire, it could hurt you, and the ones you love.
Are there any good fires?
  • Yes fires can be good. Birthday candles, campfires, fireplaces are all examples of good fires. But remember you need an adult to supervise the lighting and burning of any fire. Mrs. About-Fire - Hot Fire Safety Tip




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