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In the follow-up to his bestselling Fire Hall Cooking with Jeff the Chef, Jeff Derraugh, a 20-year veteran firefighter, offers over 170 delectable, affordable and easy-to-make recipes straight from the fire hall kitchens. Written in a relaxed, conversational style, this eclectic collection of recipes for any time of day and any kind of food craving makes for both entertaining reading and great cooking. With new, funky recipes such as “Breakfast Lasagna” and “Fallin’ Off the Bone Already Ribs,” “Asian Orange Asparagus” and “Firehouse Jambalaya,” clearly decadence hath no bounds. Amusing anecdotes that reflect the unique camaraderie of fire hall life accompany the recipes. As January Magazine said in its review of Jeff’s debut cookbook: “He knows from feeding hungry guys, he is concerned about health, he likes variety. And additionally, he’s funny and he can write. This is a fun cookbook with lots of easy-to-follow recipes featuring the type of food most families will enjoy.”

The tradition continues with Where There’s Food, There’s Firefighters. So come on—the dinner bell’s ringing; it’s time to fire up your kitchen!

Jeff Derraugh is a dedicated firefighter who has also enjoyed a wide variety of writing experiences. He has been a morning-show radio personality, award-winning commercial writer and host of a nationally syndicated radio comedy program. He is a columnist for Fire Hall Magazine and is the co-creator of the fire-safety video game, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’s Great Escape’ and the Staying Alive website. You can find Jeff online at www.jeffthechef.ca.

For book ordering information including details on the Manitoba Fallen Firefighters Memorial that book sales will be helping to fund, check out http://jeffthechef.ca/buybook.htm.




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