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Welcome to the Hot Tips page! We have placed all of the fire "Hot Tips" here so that you can go through and check them all out.

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Al Simmons
Children's Entertainer/Song Writer
Jake Chenier
Family Entertainer & Recording Artist
Lulu & Tomcat
Musicians/ Children Performers (Tom & Lori Neufeld)
Winners of the Prairie Music Awards 2002 Outstanding Children's Recording for All The Cats
Sam Katz
Mayor of the City of Winnipeg
Mitch Dorge
Drummer for Charlie Redstar & the Crash Test Dummies
Winner of the Prairie Music Awards 2002 Outstanding Instrumental Recording for As Trees Walking
Randy Bachman
Canadian Musician
Tom Jackson
Canadian Actor & Singer
McMaster & James
Canadian Band (From Winnipeg)
Jaylene Johnson
Jason & Meagan
Jason is a Charlie Redstar band member
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