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In Your Face and Interactive
A lending philosophy

Mitch DorgeThe In Your Face and Interactive philosophy has provided key building blocks for the Staying Alive program / www.stayingalive.ca. As well, the program / philosophy has been the prime driving force behind Mitch Dorge's work with TADD, (Teens Against Drunk Driving).

In Your Face and Interactive, using music as a metaphor, is targeted to motivate and inspire children and adults alike to make happy and responsible choices. To tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and to recognize what makes them extraordinary.

Children have dreams

In Your Face and Interactive introduces the concept of using school and it's teachers and libraries as a resource to realizing a dream. Building self esteem and providing tools and encouragement to help realize and explore their potential. To achieve a balance in a complex world.

Mitch DorgeChildren from all walks of life, underachievers and overachievers, in poverty or in wealth, fall victim to making choices based on perceived expectations. In Your Face and Interactive recognizes individuality and empowers the individual to seek to understand so that they may be understood.

Apart from the Staying Alive Program and TADD, In Your Face and Interactive has brought Mitch to The Spirit Haven Retreat, to the steering committee of A Season for Non Violence and to Big Sisters and Big Brothers of Winnipeg. The St. Vital/St. Boniface Rotary Club and The Winnipeg Executives Association.

The Art of Business

Within the company, In Your Face and Interactive has created a new standard to understanding team work and leadership. Motivation to seek a balance between life, work and play and encouragement to extract the maximum out of each. Tools for the individual to assess themselves and their place among the many individuals they interact with during the course of their day.

Mitch DorgeThe In Your Face program has also been recognized as a corporate motivational tool by MTS, Freedom 55 and the Young Entrepreneurs Organization Chapters of Winnipeg, Colorado and Houston. Phil Sheps of Pitblato used In Your Face and Interactive as an evening for client appreciation.

For more information about this program e-mail Mitch directly @ [email protected]




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