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When the fire alarm sounds, are you prepared? If you're sleeping when the alarm sounds you should roll out of bed onto the floor. Then crawl on your hands and knees to the door. If the door is hot when you touch it, or the hallway is blocked by smoke? DON'T use that exit. Keep the door closed. It will keep the heat and smoke at bay while you look to use your secondary exit.

In most cases your secondary exit is a window. If you are on the second floor, and there isn't a roof immediately outside the window to safely step out on, jumping out the window may become a last choice option, if fire and smoke make staying in room impossible.

To avoid being injured jumping out the window, you should consider purchasing an escape ladder. There are several different types of escape ladders. Some ladders can be stored under a bed or in a closet, so that you can grab them when needed. Other models can be installed on the side of your building. In either situation you should consult the product instructions for specific steps on how to use the ladder.

If you store your ladder under the bed or in the closet make sure that everyone knows where to find them. You should also practice how to setup the ladder outside a first story window, so that each member of your family knows how to use the ladder in an emergency.




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