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There are several pieces of emergency fire equipment that you should have in your home. Each one has a special job. For example:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector - warn you when there is an unsafe level of CO in your house. Remember you can't see, smell, or taste carbon monoxide. Don't let the silent killer jeopardize your family's health. Get one today. To find out more, click on the headline above.

  • Smoke Alarms - are an absolute must. You'll need at least one per floor. When you're sleeping your sense of smell is asleep to. If you want to learn more about this piece of equipment, check out the Smoke Alarm section.

  • Fire Extinguishers - are also very important to have in your house. They can help you put out small fires before they become big! BUT you should know when to stay and fight the fire, and when to get out and leave the job to the firefighters. As a child you should NEVER try to put out a fire --- tell an adult and get out of the building right away. Spend a minute visiting our fire extinguishers section.

  • Escape Ladders - are used to help you get out your secondary exit --- usually a window. If you are on the second floor you could get hurt if you have to jump out. Check this section out to find out more on escape ladders.




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