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If you light it, stay with it.

Incense & HolderWhen you light candles, they're your responsibility until they're out. Before you leave a room or go to bed with lit candles or incense, you should extinguish it. Danielle Keenan

Candles and children don't mix.

Always make sure that candles are out of children's reach, and that there is always an adult present to supervise. Jaret Sereda

Just one bump is all it takes to tip over a candle. So keep candles in a spot where children, pets, and even adults, won't bump into them.

Candles need a firm foundation.

As candles melt, their structure changes. Ensure that candles are placed in sturdy candleholders that are big enough to catch the burning wax. Always set them up on a solid, flat, heat-resistant surface.


Candles are a mini-fire. That's why you should keep them well spaced from each other, and away from curtains, newspapers, books, or any other materials that could catch fire. Mike Beauregard

Avoid placing candles in windows. The drafts could cause uneven burning, and curtains could be blown into the flame and catch fire.

Keep your wicks trimmed. A candle's wick should ideally be about 1/4 inch long. When candles burn down to within 2 inches of their holders, it's time to put them out and retire them.

If you're burning wide-bodied candles, make sure that you retire them when there is about an inch of wax left in the bottom. You'll be saving your counters and surfaces from heat damage.

What's the best way to extinguish a candle?

It's not blowing it out, and it's definitely not using your fingers, (unless you're David Copperfield). The safest way is to put out a candle is to use a candle quencher, or snuffer.




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