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Tribute to Laura


Australia MapMarc Rayner and his group of dedicated firefighters in Australia have recently taken a trip through some remote areas to spread fire safety information. On the seven week tour around 1/2 of Australia, firefighters promoted "The Great Escape" game to many small communities.

The game was delivered to over 40 communities and schools, all with less than 200 people in town. Most towns are 200 km apart through desert country and have no emergency services in most towns. There is only a local cop (just 1) and the Royal Flying Doctor Service that only calls in for a visit, once a week at most in these places.

Click on the map above to view the path of the 13,000 km trip through Australia. This group of fire educators only went to isolated schools and towns that don't getMarc Rayner normal fire brigade education.

With the help of other 4x4 explorers, "The Great Escape" was sent to West Australia Fire and Rescue, South Australia Department of Education and School of the Air.

Marc and his team continue to work hard and teach the Australian public about fire safety.

Thanks Marc and everyone in Australia!




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