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A Tribute To Laura Johnson

Fire Prevention Week
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Fire Safety Friends

Kid Zone

Play the Great Escape Game
Play "The Great Escape!"
Help Fire Lobster escape from the fire. Listen to Mrs. Aboutfire and Flip to help guide you through the Great Escape!
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of the Game!

You can download your own copy of "The Great Escape" from Staying Alive absolutely FREE! Check it out!

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Need some help with fire safety?

Download our free curriculum to help you get started with your presentations. It is available in English and French. For more information on our educational resources visit the Educators section.

Staying Alive and
Today's Parent

In the Today's Parent newsletter you can find helpful advice about all kinds of stuff...including fire safety tips. Check out the listing newsletters to find out more information..


Juega "¡El Gran Escape!"
El Gran EscapeAyuda a langostín a escapar del incendio. Escucha a la señora Candelaria y a saltarín, ellos te guiaran a través de ¡El Gran Escape! (Por favor revise los requerimientos del sistema)

Fire Hall Cooking With Jeff the ChefA New Fire Hall Cook Book!
Staying Alive's Jeff Derraugh has just released his second cookbook, ‘Where There’s Food, There’s Firefighters – More Surefire Recipes To Feed Your Crew.’ This title joins Jeff’s debut, ‘Fire Hall Cooking With Jeff The Chef‘ on bookstore shelves, and is available online worldwide. Click here to find out more.

We Want To Hear From You!
Has the Staying Alive program helped you escape safely when a fire struck? We want to hear about it. Did you learn more about fire safety? Please share your experiences with us about the web site, "The Great Escape" game, the curriculum, or any other aspect of the Staying Alive program.

Fill out the online form and attach a picture or send your comments and stories to [email protected].

School is back in action!
Finally, you’re back at school with all your friends and teachers. Make sure you are practicing your fire safety skills as well! Visit the Kids Seasonal area to find out more about Fall safety.

Selected as one of seven finalists in 2006 by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) for its Fire Service Award for Excellence. Co-sponsored by United States Safety Fire Technologies, the Fire Service Award for Excellence recognizes innovations and achievements in managing resources to reduce the loss of life and property from fire and other emergencies.


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Having trouble with the game?
Get Flash PlayerFlash Player 8 is needed in order to see the game properly. Please download the latest player and try the game again!! If you are still having troubles contact us for technical assistance and we'll try our best to help you.

To find out more about "The Great Escape" game visit our information page.

Fire Safety in Australia
with Marc Rayner & Crew

Visit our Fire Safety in Australia page for a description of the type of information given and the path taken through various parts of Australia.


Fire Safety

Home Escape Plans

Are you sure you are prepared in case of a fire? Make a Home Escape Plan for your family and practice getting out alive!

  • Household Safety
  • Fire Safety Checklist

    Staying Alive Support Team
    Ever wonder who is behind all the latest news and updated information for Staying Alive? Well now is your chance to meet the Staying Alive Support Team. These people all play important roles in the development of new content, safety information, public awareness and other areas of interest.

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